Prices & booking

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Das Alte Pfarrhaus can be rented for groups of up to 16 (possibly 18) people.
On the calendar below you can see which periods are free. If you click on a green box, the possible departure days will be shown. You can choose a departure day and you will immediately see the price for that period. If you click on 'next', you can book extras. You can choose direct booking or an option of 3 days.

* Das Alte Pfarrhausy is non-smoking.
* The house is normally rented out for max. 16 people. 2 extra beds can be added.
* 2 extra babies are allowed, for this 2 cots and 2 high chairs are available.
* You can bring up to 3 pets
* The house is not rented out to groups of young people for reasons of tranquility.