Cook yourself or let yourself be pampered culinary...

Well-equipped kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with all kinds of kitchen tools: from a hand mixer to oven/microwave and from dishwashers to pots and pans. But you can also drink a glass of wine at the high table and enjoy the company. The kitchen is definitely 'the place-to-be'.

Everything for a festively set table

In the spacious dining room cupboard you will find everything to stylishly set the dining table for an extensive dinner. The crockery, glasses and cutlery are matched to each other, so that the whole has a festive and well-kept look.

Your dinner completely taken care of!

Do you really want to be pampered! Herman Welter has already provided many meals for our guests. To everyone's satisfaction! You can discuss your personal wishes directly with cook Hermann Welter: or +49 172 6530040.