Extra services

Badetücher und Geschirrtücher

Bath and kitchen linen

You can rent towels and kitchen packages.
A bath towel package consists of 1 bath sheet, 2 large towels and 2 washcloths.
A kitchen towel package consists of 4 wipes, 2 kitchen towels, 2 dry towels, 2 dish towels.
The prices per package can be found on the booking form.

Koch in der Küche

Cook in the kitchen

No matter whether you have a small family celebration (birthday, wedding, etc.), enjoy a business lunch at home in an undisturbed private atmosphere or just want to experience an unforgettable evening with friends, then Herman Welter is your contact. You have the option of designing your menu according to your wishes and preferences, or of choosing a menu suggestion.
Chef Hermann Welter can be reached at: hermannwelter@gmx.net or +49 172 6530040.

Lebensmitteln einkaufen


There are various shops in and around Malberg. First of all, you can go to the village shop in the middle of the village. Here you can get fresh bread and many types of cuisine from Tuesday to Saturday. And you can buy everything from milk to a bottle of wine here too. There are 2 supermarkets in Kyllburg (2-3 km drive). These are Edeka and Lidl.
Would you like to shop even more extensively and buy the most special products? Then there are many shops in Bitburg. Kaufland and ReWe are the largest.

Empfänge und Feten

Receptions and parties

Das Alte Pfarrhaus is suitable for a maximum of 18 persons (+ 2 babies). A short visit from a few people is not a problem, but for a reception over 18 people, Das Alte Pfarrhaus does not have a permit. If you want to organize a reception or party while being in Malberg, we can recommend a few companies. The castle chapel at Malberg Castle is ideal for this!p>

Tourisme in Malberg - Eifel

The village Malberg

For more information about the village of Malberg and the sights, please have a look on the website Malberg.