(Outdoor)Spa & Saunas

Relax under the open sky

With an outdoor spa, you can enjoy the warm water while the stars are in the sky. But also when it snows or rains. An outdoor spa is fantastic!!!
Our spa can accommodate 6 people. We often get the question: what is the difference between a spa, whirlpool, hot tub or jacuzzi? Nothing, except that jacuzzi is a protected brand name. At our place is a Wellis Spa. (From May 2024)

An invigorating sauna

In the Finnish sauna, the air in the cabin is strongly heated, which warms up your body. The infrared cabin ensures that your body is heated and not the air. Both saunas are next to each other, so you can choose. There is a walk-in shower in the sauna room.

Bubbling in the hot tub

Sitting in this whirlpool is a special experience. The wonderful bubbling water, as well as the different colours of the water make bathing a special experience.

And in between... relaxing

In the sauna area, there are lovely rocking lounge chairs for relaxing. Active sitting is possible at the high bar table, where the jukebox provides music (radio or CD).